Born in Belfast, I completed an MA (HONS) in Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art in June 2014.  


Throughout Art College my practice was principally focused on capturing the beauty of decay within old industrial buildings.  I explored this using paint, pencil and photography.  The captivating array of surfaces, reflections and textures provided endless inspiration. The ambience and atmosphere within changed with the weather, the time of day and with each season.  In documenting such transformations I sought to reveal the subtle, hidden beauty of decay and portray its timeless tranquility.


I am still drawn to the dust of decades, and the mellow, muted hues of relics of a bygone age.  Vivid rusts forged by nature, provide a striking contrast not only to the acid greens of new-born plant life, but also to the faded man-made blues and turquoises.  Man’s part in this environment has been subsumed, leaving ghostly imprints, corroded switches and dials.  Such juxtapositions fascinate and resonate.  As Henry Miller said, ‘I have always looked upon decay as being just a wonderful and rich expression of life as growth’.  


More recently I have moved in a new direction, revisiting my old photographs of a local beach and studying the sea while staying true to the highly detailed style I have developed over the past five years.  I am enjoying the fresh challenge of evoking the depth and movement within a stretch of water.